1 album 20+ musicians

This album will be featured by the most talented musicians from every corner of Europe

Bring Europe together

This project will bring Europe and the whole world a bit more together. Music is an universal language

Recorded in a VW Van

I transformed an old VW ice cream truck into a hybrid music studio camper

Double Vinyl and CD

An extravagant project needs a extravagant packing

It all started with this one man

…a person I will never forget. There was this old, long bearded man singing in the streets of Groningen with only his guitar and his voice in front of almost no audience. What I heard was so authentic and so pure, I was caught immediately. I knew I had to record this man and some weeks later, we recorded his first album together. This was the begin of a very special friendship.

Later I realised that his music wouldn’t be the only secret beauty, hidden in the streets of our cities. So I got myself a mission for 2017: I want to travel Europe and record the best street musicians I can find on the way.

So, what’s the PLAN?

I want to travel Europe and find these talents, record their music and share their story in its pure nature and beauty with you. I realized that I won’t need much to make this project happen. So last year I bought an old VW ice cream truck and started converting it into a hybrid-recording-studio-campervan. I added a big solar panel, grabbed my recording equipment and was basically ready to go!

it’s a MISSION!

Travelling Europe recording street musicians sounds like fun – and it is. But there is a much deeper mission behind it. I want to bring Europe closer together by sharing true stories of music making from every corner and country of Europe. And finally store these memories on a double vinyl album and a photo documentary book.

Like I said it’s not just a journey – it’s a collection of the best songs played in the streets of Europe.