Name: Marten Berger

Nationality: German

Currently based in: Enschede (NL)

Born: 05.08.1992

Status: Student MediaMusic ArtEZ Conservatory Enschede (NL)

Instruments: Piano, Guitar

Languages: English, German, Dutch

Hi, I'm Marten!

I’m a 24 year old record producer and I got myself a mission: next year I will travel Europe and hunt for music treasures that are hidden in our streets.

I always was passionate about music. Already in my early childhood I started to play several instruments and later developed a specific interest in music that is handmade and rough. So music has always been the most important thing in my life. This eventually lead me to study MediaMusic in the Netherlands.

I will finish my bachelor this summer and I see myself confronted with questions like “Where do I want to live? How should my life as a music professional look like? In which city should I be based to make a start in the music industry?”

Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, London?? …All these places sounded really awesome but then I thought: “I actually have no idea of these places, like many other places in Europe. How should I know what it would be like to live and work there?” So I was curious and decided I want to see more of the world before I’m going get settled.

At the same time I realized that – no matter what – I just want to travel. And learn more about life and music. Like the craftsman have their journeyman years and the workaholics have their sabbatical – I want to travel!

So, with the decision made I stepped into another struggle: I’m really passionate about my work – producing and recording music. So, somehow my work had to come with me. So I thought: in terms of field recording music John A. Lomax showed us already more than 80 years ago that this was possible. Let’s just buy an old van and build a music studio inside!

At the same time I met a person I will never forget. There was this old, long bearded man singing in the streets of Groningen with only his guitar and his voice in front of almost no audience. What I heard was so authentic and so pure, I was caught immediately. Some weeks later, we recorded an album together. This was the begin of a very special friendship.

Later I realised that his music wouldn’t be the only secret beauty hidden in the streets of our cities. So I got myself a mission for 2017: I want to travel Europe and record the best street musicians I can find on the way.